Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Finally my dream to have own brand shoes can be achieved, after years of collecting design ideas and choosing the right craftsmen finally able to produce several models of shoes that are ready to be marketed.
Hopefully people can be liked this shoes, not only in dindonesia..... I hope this can be preferred by fashion lovers from around the world.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hi hi.. today, me and my boyfie as known as my partner in crime got a chance to stroll plus refresh in a beautiful place. we drove about an half hour from Manado, the town where we live to this place. they usually called this place as a prayer hill, located in Tomohon.

This place such a beautiful place, we can walk up and down through the hills, sitting on the bench and pampering our eyes with the breathtaking views. as u can see through these pictures, green all over me and the air is sooooo much fresh :)

After tired of walking around, we've stop by to the cafeteria and had a late lunch :D
i always can't get enough of time when i went there, this is one of my favorite place to chill. this place is a must place to visit in North Celebes.

About what i wear for today, i'm wearing dark flowery tops from my clothing line #labellepamattire and paired it with my navy skinny jeans. shoes from local brand #adorableproject . besides of my boy favorite shoes, i love to wear this wedges oxford shoes daily because it's so super comfort, i feel like i'm wearing a slipper :D yeah comfort always comes first :) my bag also from local brand #mayonette , i love big bag simply cuz i like to carry a lot of stuffs :D


Tuesday, October 8, 2013


As u guys know in my beloved tropic country, summer take over all the time. even if in rainy season we can't feel the cold, especially since the increasing of global warming year after year, the weather in indonesia has changed.

So heres my style for this super tropic weather. i'm wearing plain black top and high waist ripped denim short cuz it's hot as hell at the day (i feel like am gonna melt) i just accompany my super short outfit with this super comfy parachute  camo jacket as my outwear :) and yeah! i do love outwear.. don't need to worry wearing jacket in the mid of the day if the material is comfort and suits u up.

Tanned boots? oh.. it's just super comfort to accompany my whole day :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013


hii.. this is my outfit for today. in this sunny day i paired this black hearts tops with my rolled up skinny jeans. for shoes i choose this pink heels to brighten up my look :D i've bought the shoes at my friend's store called My Taste (by: Maya Tampilang) i'm a kind of bright colors FYI :D
anddddd as i've told u in my very first post about my mum's preloved stuffs, this black sling satchel is one of her stuff that i steal in our barn (whaaatt?!) yes it's her! cute stuff eh?! the bag is even older than me if u wanna know..

Thursday, October 3, 2013


This is my first post, this is my look for today. haven't i told u that i love denim? yes i do! and also love black, we cannot go wrong with black right? :p

Off the records, these photos are taken by my mum in our back yard :D

My denim jacket is older than me, my mum bought this jacket in singapore years ago even before i was born and i found this stuff in our barn, yeaaaaaahh this jacket is not the only stuff that i "steal" from that dirty room, she has a lot of these thingy :D i think she's fashionable enough back then haha.. i bet u will look more in my next post..


hello world.......
I'm Pam Helena Mo, and here's some things about me if u wanna know :)
i was born in Manado, 25 years ago and i graduated from Law School in Sam Ratulangi University in 2009.
In September 2013 i finally open this blog according to suggestion from my friends, they have thought about me in passion with fashion, yeah cuz i was actually never thought that i would be so into fashion nowadays (since i have opened my own clothing line #labellepamattire in 2012) , i was kinda into music back then, yeah I'm an amateur guitar player haha..
i love music so much then i fallen love with fashion, cuz it's an art statement about our daily life i guess. in fashion we have freedom to express about our "thingy" right?! so, music + fashion = definitely an art that collides.. guess that's enough about me, hope i can be your inspiration..

xoxo pam