Thursday, October 3, 2013


hello world.......
I'm Pam Helena Mo, and here's some things about me if u wanna know :)
i was born in Manado, 25 years ago and i graduated from Law School in Sam Ratulangi University in 2009.
In September 2013 i finally open this blog according to suggestion from my friends, they have thought about me in passion with fashion, yeah cuz i was actually never thought that i would be so into fashion nowadays (since i have opened my own clothing line #labellepamattire in 2012) , i was kinda into music back then, yeah I'm an amateur guitar player haha..
i love music so much then i fallen love with fashion, cuz it's an art statement about our daily life i guess. in fashion we have freedom to express about our "thingy" right?! so, music + fashion = definitely an art that collides.. guess that's enough about me, hope i can be your inspiration..

xoxo pam

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