Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hi hi.. today, me and my boyfie as known as my partner in crime got a chance to stroll plus refresh in a beautiful place. we drove about an half hour from Manado, the town where we live to this place. they usually called this place as a prayer hill, located in Tomohon.

This place such a beautiful place, we can walk up and down through the hills, sitting on the bench and pampering our eyes with the breathtaking views. as u can see through these pictures, green all over me and the air is sooooo much fresh :)

After tired of walking around, we've stop by to the cafeteria and had a late lunch :D
i always can't get enough of time when i went there, this is one of my favorite place to chill. this place is a must place to visit in North Celebes.

About what i wear for today, i'm wearing dark flowery tops from my clothing line #labellepamattire and paired it with my navy skinny jeans. shoes from local brand #adorableproject . besides of my boy favorite shoes, i love to wear this wedges oxford shoes daily because it's so super comfort, i feel like i'm wearing a slipper :D yeah comfort always comes first :) my bag also from local brand #mayonette , i love big bag simply cuz i like to carry a lot of stuffs :D


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